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Business Success With Ease

Top experts share strategies for accelerated growth

Pages: 258
Publisher: THRIVE Publishing, 2013
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9897129-0-3


“ If you want to learn everything from accounting practices to clever ways to inspire yourself, if you want to learn how to launch a speaking career and how to deliver excellent customer service, if you want to develop excellent time management skills so you grow your business, not flounder in it, if you want to blog more effectively, network and connect with more purpose and results, this book is for you. “

“I just got this book and it’s really inspiring and motivating as well as full of great tips for improving my digital business presence. It’s also helping me to understand how to make business and social networking really work for me. “

Martin Hirsch

“Business Success with Ease is an incredible resource, an uplifting and valuable tool. Discover the best ideas and strategies for building a solid business foundation – all while achieving stellar sales and personal growth. We compile online and offline techniques quarantined to attract more clients, generate influence and build your professional reputation. Countless insights, breakthrough innovations and heartfelt inspirations prepare you to create your successful enterprise with ease. ”

As a co-author, Carmen Okabe wrote the chapter titled Trust Your Instincts for Successful Outcomes with Ease.

Carmen is a Licensed Mind Mapping Instructor, Executive Coach, Fashion Fengshui Facilitator, speaker and author with more than fifteen years of experience in the beauty and image industry. She speaks eight languages fluently: Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Romanian. Carmen offers classes on image transformation, personal development, Feng Shui for fashion, beauty and health and acts as a business consultant all over the world.